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circular muscle layer of muscular coat +  
longitudinal muscle layer of muscular coat +  
muscle layer of anal canal 
muscle layer of colon +  
muscle layer of rectum 
muscular coat of vas deferens 
myometrium +  
stomach muscularis externa +  
stomach smooth muscle inner oblique layer 
taenia coli 
The taeniae coli (also teniae coli) are three separate longitudinal ribbons of smooth muscle on the outside of the ascending, transverse, descending and sigmoid colons. They are visible, and can be seen just below the serosa or fibrosa. They are the Mesocolic, Free and Omental Coli. The teniae coli contracts length wise to produce the haustra, the bulges in the colon. The bands converge at the root of the vermiform appendix and the rectum. These bands correspond to the outer layer of the muscularis externa, in other portions of the digestive tract.

Exact Synonyms: longitudinal band of large intestine muscularis
Related Synonyms: longitudinal bands ;   taeniae coli ;   tenia coli ;   teniae coli
Xrefs: FMA:15041 ;   SCTID:362160001 ;   Wikipedia:Taenia_coli
External Ontologys: present_in_taxon NCBITaxon:9606
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Taenia_coli

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