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deletion +    
inversion +    
bipartite inversion 
chromosomal deletion +  
chromosomal inversion +  
deficient intrachromosomal transposition 
deficient inversion 
A chromosomal deletion whereby three breaks occur in the same chromosome; one central region is lost, and the other is inverted.
deficient translocation 
inversion cum translocation +  
inversion derived bipartite deficiency 
inversion derived deficiency plus aneuploid 
inversion derived deficiency plus duplication 
inverted intrachromosomal transposition 
inverted ring chromosome 
mobile element deletion +  
paracentric inversion 
pericentric inversion 
recombinationally inverted gene 

Exact Synonyms: deficient inversion
Related Synonyms: (Drosophila)Df ;   (Drosophila)DfIn
Definition Sources: FB:reference_manual, SO:ke

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