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LINE element +    
I LINE retrotransposon 
Jockey LINE retrotransposon 
L1 LINE retrotransposon +  
Long interspersed element-1 (LINE-1) elements are found in the human genome, which contains ORF1 (open reading frame1, including CC, coiled coil; RRM, RNA recognition motif; CTD, carboxyl-terminal domain) and ORF2 (including EN, endonuclease; RT, reverse transcriptase; C, cysteine-rich domain). The L1-encoded proteins (ORF1p and ORF2p) can mobilize nonautonomous retrotransposons, other noncoding RNAs, and messenger RNAs.
R2 LINE retrotransposon 
RTE LINE retrotransposon 

Exact Synonyms: L1 LINE retrotransposon ;   L1 element ;   LINE 1 element
Definition Sources: PMID:31709017

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