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homologous_chromosome_recognition_and_pairing_locus (SO:0002233)
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binding site +    
chromosome part +    
chromatin regulatory region 
chromosomal regulatory element +  
chromosomal structural element +  
chromosome arm 
chromosome band 
Crick strand 
DNA loop +  
homologous chromosome recognition and pairing locus 
A chromosomal locus where complementary lncRNA and associated proteins accumulate at the corresponding lncRNA gene loci to tether homologous chromosome during chromosome pairing at meiosis I.
introgressed chromosome region 
ligand binding site +  
metal binding site +  
nucleotide binding site +  
protein binding site +  
Watson strand 

Exact Synonyms: homologous chromosome recognition and pairing locus
Definition Sources: PMID:22582262, PMID:31811152

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