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Ace2 UAS 
AP 1 binding site 
CArG box 
CCAAT motif 
CDRE motif 
core promoter element +  
MERGED DEFINITION:\nTARGET DEFINITION: A promoter element with consensus sequence TGACGTCA; bound by the ATF/CREB family of transcription factors.\n--------------------\nSOURCE DEFINITION: A promoter element that contains a core sequence TGACGT, bound by a protein complex that regulates transcription of genes encoding PKA pathway components.
CSL response element 
CTCF binding site 
DMv1 motif 
DMv2 motif 
DMv3 motif 
DMv4 motif 
DMv5 motif 
DPE1 motif 
FLEX element 
forkhead motif 
GC rich promoter region 
homol E box 
mating type M box 
NDM2 motif 
NDM3 motif 
pheromone response element 
Pho7 binding site 
regulatory promoter element +  
sterol regulatory element 
STREP motif 
TCS element 
TR box 
zinc repressed element +  

Exact Synonyms: ATF/CRE site ;   Atf1/Pcr1 recognition motif ;   M26 binding site ;   M26_binding_site ;   cyclic AMP response element ;   m26 site
Alternate IDs: SO:0001900
Definition Sources: PMID:11483355, PMID:11483993, PMID:15448137

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