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Ace2 UAS 
AP 1 binding site 
CAAT signal 
CArG box 
CCAAT motif 
CDRE motif 
core promoter element +  
CSL response element 
CTCF binding site 
DMv1 motif 
DMv2 motif 
DMv3 motif 
DMv4 motif 
DMv5 motif 
A sequence element characteristic of some RNA polymerase II promoters, usually located between -50 and -10 relative to the TSS. Consensus sequence is KTYRGTATWTTT. Tends to co-occur with DMv4 (SO:0001157) . Tends to not occur with DPE motif (SO:0000015) or MTE (SO:0001162).
DPE1 motif 
DRE motif 
E box motif 
FLEX element 
forkhead motif 
GAGA motif 
GC rich promoter region 
homol E box 
INR1 motif 
mating type M box 
NDM2 motif 
NDM3 motif 
octamer motif 
pheromone response element 
Pho7 binding site 
regulatory promoter element +  
RNApol II core promoter +  
sterol regulatory element 
STREP motif 
TCS element 
TR box 
zinc repressed element +  

Exact Synonyms: DMv5 ;   DMv5 motif ;   directional motif v5
Narrow Synonyms: KTYRGTATWTTT
Related Synonyms: promoter motif 6
Definition Sources: PMID:12537576:16827941

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