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DNA transposon +  
engineered episome 
engineered foreign gene +  
engineered foreign region +  
engineered foreign repetitive element 
engineered foreign transposable element 
engineered foreign transposable element gene 
engineered fusion gene 
engineered gene +  
engineered insert 
engineered plasmid +  
engineered region +  
engineered rescue region 
engineered tag 
engineered transposable element +  
TE that has been modified by manipulations in vitro.
foreign transposable element +  
natural transposable element 
nested transposon +  
retrotransposon +  
target site duplication 
targeting vector 
transgenic transposable element 
transposable element CDS 
transposable element gene +  
transposable element pseudogene 

Exact Synonyms: engineered transposable element
Definition Sources: FB:mc

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