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allele +  
candidate gene +  
cryptic gene +  
engineered gene +  
epigenetically modified gene +  
foreign gene +  
fusion gene +  
gene cassette +  
gene component region +  
gene member region +  
gene with non canonical start codon +  
gene with polycistronic transcript +  
gene with trans spliced transcript 
mt gene +  
ncRNA gene +  
negatively autoregulated gene 
nuclear gene 
nucleomorph gene 
plasmid gene 
plastid gene +  
positively autoregulated gene 
post translationally regulated gene 
predicted gene 
protein coding gene +  
proviral gene +  
pseudogene +  
recombinationally rearranged gene +  
A gene that is recombinationally rearranged.
rescue gene +  
silenced gene +  
transgene +  
translationally regulated gene 
transposable element gene +  
vertebrate immune system gene +  

Exact Synonyms: recombinationally rearranged gene
Definition Sources: SO:ke

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