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accessible DNA region +  
amino acid +  
base +  
binding site +  
A biological_region of sequence that, in the molecule, interacts selectively and non-covalently with other molecules. A region on the surface of a molecule that may interact with another molecule. When applied to polypeptides: Amino acids involved in binding or interactions. It can also apply to an amino acid bond which is represented by the positions of the two flanking amino acids.
biosynthetic gene cluster 
cap +  
chromosome part +  
CpG island 
D loop +  
deletion +  
gene +  
gene group +  
gene member region +  
genetic marker +  
insertion +  
intergenic region 
inversion +  
linkage group 
mobile genetic element +  
mutational hotspot 
Okazaki fragment 
oligo U tail 
origin of replication +  
polyA sequence 
polyA site cluster 
polypeptide +  
pseudogene +  
pseudogenic region +  
rearrangement region 
recombination feature +  
repeat region +  
repeat unit +  
replicon +  
restriction enzyme region +  
sequence motif +  
sequence secondary structure +  
substitution +  
transcript region +  
unit of gene expression +  

Exact Synonyms: INSDC_feature:misc_binding ;   binding site ;   binding_or_interaction_site
Related Synonyms: site
Alternate IDs: BS:00033
Xrefs: "wiki"
Definition Sources: EBIBS:GAR, SO:ke

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