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DNA motif +    
androgen response element 
ARS consensus sequence 
CAAT signal 
Part of a conserved sequence located about 75-bp upstream of the start point of eukaryotic transcription units which may be involved in RNA polymerase binding; consensus=GG(C|T)CAATCT.
cis acting homologous chromosome pairing region 
DMv1 motif 
DMv2 motif 
DMv3 motif 
DMv5 motif 
DPE1 motif 
DRE motif 
DSR motif 
E box motif 
GAGA motif 
GC rich promoter region 
INR1 motif 
mating type region motif +  
mating type region replication fork barrier 
minus 10 signal 
minus 12 signal 
minus 24 signal 
minus 35 signal 
NDM2 motif 
NDM3 motif 
octamer motif 
promoter element +  
PSE motif 
rDNA intergenic spacer element 
rDNA replication fork barrier 
RNApol II core promoter +  
Sap1 recognition motif 
teb1 recognition motif 
Zas1 recognition motif 

Exact Synonyms: CAAT box ;   CAAT signal ;   INSDC_qualifier:CAAT_signal
Broad Synonyms: INSDC_feature:regulatory
Xrefs: "wiki"
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