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aberrant processed transcript 
alternatively spliced transcript 
cis regulatory frameshift element 
cis regulatory module +  
edited transcript +  
intronic regulatory region 
long terminal repeat transcript 
mature transcript +  
monocistronic transcript +  
polyA signal sequence 
polycistronic transcript +  
predicted transcript +  
primary transcript +  
processed transcript +  
promoter +  
promoter flanking region 
promoter targeting sequence 
pseudogenic transcript +  
response element 
splicing regulatory region +  
terminator +  
The sequence of DNA located either at the end of the transcript that causes RNA polymerase to terminate transcription.
TF binding site +  
TFRS collection 
TFRS module 
trans spliced transcript +  
transcript bound by nucleic acid 
transcript bound by protein 
transcript region +  
transcript with translational frameshift 
transcription pause site 

Exact Synonyms: INSDC_qualifier:terminator ;   terminator sequence
Broad Synonyms: INSDC_feature:regulatory
Xrefs: "wiki"
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