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DNA motif +    
promoter +    
androgen response element 
ARS consensus sequence 
bidirectional promoter 
CAAT signal 
cis acting homologous chromosome pairing region 
constitutive promoter 
core promoter element +  
cryptic promoter 
DRE motif 
DSR motif 
E box motif 
eukaryotic promoter +  
GAGA motif 
inducible promoter 
INR1 motif 
mating type region motif +  
mating type region replication fork barrier 
minus 10 signal 
minus 12 signal 
minus 24 signal 
minus 35 signal 
octamer motif 
prokaryotic promoter +  
promoter element +  
PSE motif 
A sequence element characteristic of the promoters of snRNA genes transcribed by RNA polymerase II or by RNA polymerase III. Located between -45 and -60 relative to the TSS. The human PSE_motif consensus sequence is TCACCNTNA(C|G)TNAAAAG(T|G). The basal transcription factor, snRNA-activating protein complex (SNAPc), binds the PSE_motif and is required for the transcription of both RNA polymerase II and III transcribed small-nuclear RNA genes.
rDNA intergenic spacer element 
rDNA replication fork barrier 
Sap1 recognition motif 
teb1 recognition motif 
viral promoter +  
Zas1 recognition motif 

Exact Synonyms: PSE motif ;   proximal sequence element
Definition Sources: PMID:11390411, PMID:12621023, PMID:12651739, PMID:23166507, PMID:8339931

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