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ACI mutants +     
ACI (ENU) mutants +   
ACI-Pvt1em1Shul +   
ACI-Pvt1em2Shul +   
ACI-Pvt1em3Shul +   
ACI-Pvt1em4Shul +   
ACI-Pvt1em5Shul +   
ACI.SD-Esr1em1Soar      (View Strain Report)
This strain was produced by backcrossing the ZFN induced 482 deletion allele (Esr1em1Soar) in HsdHot:SD to the ACI/SegHsd background for 12 generations. ACI strain is particularly sensitive to Estrogen-induced tumorigenesis.

Exact Synonyms: RGD ID: 14392784

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