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rat strain +     
advanced intercross line +   
chromosome altered +   
coisogenic strain +   
congenic strain +   
conplastic strain +   
consomic strain +   
hybrid strain +   
Hybrid strains are the progeny of two inbred rat strains, crossed in the same direction. F1 hybrids are genetically identical. Further crosses produce offspring that are no longer genetically identical, but it may still be appropriate to give them designations reflecting their parentage, similar to those for F1 hybrids.
inbred strain +   
mutant strain +   
outbred strain +   
recombinant inbred strain +   
segregating inbred strain +   
transchromosomal strain 
transgenic strain +   
Wild +   

Definition Sources: "Guidelines for Nomenclature of Mouse and Rat Strains"

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