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Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
consomic strain +     
BN-LH/Mav Consomics +   
BN-SS/Mcwi Consomics +   
CDS-Chr 4CDR/Ygl  
COP-Chr 16DA/McoRrrc  
F344-Chr 15OLETF/Tj      (View Strain Report)
F344-Chr 3SDT/Nyo  
FHH-BN/Mcwi Consomics +   
FHH-Chr 15BN/Mcwi  
LEW-Chr YF344-Tg(Cyp1a1-Ren2)10/Jmul  
LH-Chr 13BN/Mav +   
LH-Chr 17BN/Mav +   
LH-Chr 17LN/Aek +   
MWF-SHR/Rkb Consomics +   
OLETF-Chr 14F344/Tj  
SBH-SBN Consomics +   
SBN-SBH Consomics +   
SHR-Chr 15WKY/Tkyo  
SHR-Chr YBN/Cub  
SHR-Chr YW/K  
SHR-Chr YWKY/Akr  
SHR-MWF Consomics +   
SHR/Tkyo-WKY/Tkyo Consomics +   
SHRSP-Chr 15WKY/Tkyo  
SHRSP-Chr 1F344/Rkb  
SHRSP/Tkyo-WKY/Tkyo Consomics +   
SS-Chr 15BN/Mcwi  
SS-Chr 19SHR/Rkb  
SS-Chr BN/Mcwi Consomics +   
WKY-Chr YSHR/Akr  

Related Synonyms: F344-15OLETF/Tj ;   NBRP Rat No: 0524 ;   RGD ID: 2314225

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