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Krabbe disease pathway  
An autosomal recessive metabolic disorder caused by a deficiency of galactosylceramidase leading to intralysosomal accumulation of galactolipids such as galactosylceramides and psychosine.
sialic acid storage disease pathway +   
sphingolipidosis pathway +   
Tay-Sachs disease pathway  

Exact Synonyms: Krabbe's disease pathway ;   Krabbe's leukodystrophy pathway ;   beta galactocerebrosidase deficiency pathway ;   diffuse globoid body sclerosis pathway ;   galactosylceramide beta-galactosidase deficiency pathway ;   globoid cell leukodystrophy disease pathway ;   globoid cell leukodystrophy pathway
Related Synonyms: SMP:00348

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