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Gaucher's disease pathway (PW:0001454)
Annotations: Rat: (23) Mouse: (23) Human: (23) Chinchilla: (23) Bonobo: (22) Dog: (23) Squirrel: (23) Pig: (23)
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Fabry disease pathway +   
Gaucher's disease pathway  
Gaucher's disease is caused by defective sphingolipid metabolism and accumulation of glucosylceramide in the brain and other tissues.
metachromatic leukodystrophy pathway  

Exact Synonyms: Gaucher disease pathway ;   acid beta-glucosidase deficiency pathway ;   glocucerebrosidase deficiency pathway ;   glucosylceramide beta-glucosidase deficiency pathway ;   kerasin thesaurismosis pathway ;   lipoid histiocytosis (kerasin type) pathway
Related Synonyms: SMP:00349
Definition Sources: PMID:23563668, PMID:25345088

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