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tyrosine-specific protein kinase mediated signaling pathway (PW:0001195)
Annotations: Rat: (144) Mouse: (156) Human: (159) Chinchilla: (136) Bonobo: (145) Dog: (141) Squirrel: (135) Pig: (142)     Pathway Diagram Browser
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altered kinase mediated signaling pathway +   
serine/threonine-specific kinase mediated signaling pathway +    
tyrosine-specific protein kinase mediated signaling pathway +    
The non-receptor tyrosine-specific kinases are represented by members of Src, Jak, Syk and other families. Some, such as Jak, function as initiators of intracellular pathways, others are components of several pathways. Tyrosine-specific kinases are also represented by receptor tyrosine kinases activated by growth factors and hormones. These kinases are components of the pathways the specific growth factors and hormones initiate.

Definition Sources: PMID:16132230

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