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calcium/calcium-mediated signaling pathway (PW:0001140)
Annotations: Rat: (272) Mouse: (135) Human: (134) Chinchilla: (131) Bonobo: (133) Dog: (133) Squirrel: (131) Pig: (132)     Pathway Diagram Browser
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
signaling pathway +      
acid and base sensing signaling pathway +  
altered calcium homeostasis pathway 
altered signaling pathway +    
calcium transport pathway   
calcium/calcium-mediated signaling pathway +     
Calcium signaling impacts on a large and diverse spectrum of cellular processes such as gene expression and cell death, proliferation, muscle contraction and energy metabolism, learning, memory and synaptic plasticity. Calcium acts in signal transduction as a first as well as a second messenger. Calcium transport, which controls and maintains the calcium gradient, and calcium signaling, which the gradient promotes, are inextricably connected in the fabric of calcium homeostasis.

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cell adhesion signaling pathway +    
chemical compound signaling pathway +    
cytokine and chemokine mediated signaling pathway +    
G protein mediated signaling pathway +   
glycoconjugated protein signaling pathway +    
growth factor signaling pathway +    
hormone signaling pathway +    
kinase mediated signaling pathway +    
lipid signaling pathway +   
mechanotransduction pathway +    
mitogen activated protein kinase signaling pathway +     
nucleoside and nucleotide mediated signaling pathway +   
parathyroid hormone signaling pathway   
phosphatase mediated signaling pathway +   
photosignal transduction pathway +    
protease mediated signaling pathway +   
signaling pathway involving second messengers +    
signaling pathway pertinent to development +    
signaling pathway pertinent to immunity +    
signaling pathway pertinent to the brain and nervous system +    
transcription factor mediated signaling pathway +    
vitamin and vitamin metabolites signaling pathway +    

Related Synonyms: KEGG:04020
Definition Sources: PMID:12838335, PMID:17574670, PMID:18083096, PMID:19243429

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