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oxidative phosphorylation pathway (PW:0001059)
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adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase (AMPK) signaling pathway   
altered energy homeostasis pathway +    
altered energy metabolic pathway +   
carbon fixation pathway 
citric acid cycle pathway +    
creatine metabolic pathway  
ghrelin system pathway  
insulin signaling pathway +     
leptin system pathway +    
melanocortin system pathway +    
methane metabolic pathway +  
mTOR signaling pathway +    
nitrogen metabolic pathway 
octane oxidation pathway 
oxidative phosphorylation pathway +   
Oxidative phosphorylation is the coupling of the electron transport chain and the ATP biosynthetic pathways. The electron transfer chain generates an electrochemical gradient that drives the phosphorylation of ADP. Under certain circumstances the two may be uncoupled.
photosynthesis pathway 
reductive carboxylate cycle - CO2 fixation pathway 
sulfur metabolic pathway +   

Related Synonyms: oxidative phosphorylation
Definition Sources: GO:0006119, KEGG:00190, KEGG:map00190, PMID:19760284, PMID:21625217

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