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pro-inflammatory cytokine mediated pathway (PW:0000926)
Annotations: Rat: (128) Mouse: (130) Human: (133) Chinchilla: (124) Bonobo: (128) Dog: (130) Squirrel: (125) Pig: (127)     Pathway Diagram Browser
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pattern recognition receptor mediated signaling pathway +    
pro-inflammatory cytokine mediated pathway +    
An early response of the innate immunity is the secretion of cytokines critical for the acute inflammatory response. The major pro-inflammatory cytokines are tumor necrosis factor alpha and the interleukins 1 and 6.
receptor for advanced glycation end-products signaling pathway  

Definition Sources: MCW library:Cellular and molecular immunology, by Abbas, Abul K, PMID:20303867

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