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renin-angiotensin cascade pathway (PW:0000492)
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Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
epinephrine signaling pathway +  
fibrinolysis pathway  
hematopoiesis pathway +  
hemostasis pathway +  
kallikrein-kinin cascade pathway +   
natural anticoagulant pathway +  
renin-angiotensin cascade pathway +   
The renin-angiotensin cascade (RAS) generates a number of bioactive peptides with diverse physiological and pathophysiological functions. RAS exerts vasoconstriction, vasodilation or vascular remodeling, cell proliferation or anti-proliferation effects, depending on which angiotensin peptide generates the signaling. Some of these features are also shared by the kallikrein-kinin system (KKS); the two systems can interact and cross-talk.

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vascular endothelial growth factor signaling pathway  
vasopressin signaling pathway +   

Related Synonyms: KEGG:04614 ;   RAS system signaling pathway
Definition Sources: KEGG:ko04614, PMID:12676165, PMID:12793984, PMID:15638741, PMID:15883759, PMID:16816138

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