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altered metabolic pathway of other amino acids (PW:0000402)
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altered amino acid metabolic pathway +  
altered carbohydrate metabolic pathway +   
altered energy metabolic pathway +   
altered glycan metabolic pathway +  
altered lipid metabolic pathway +   
altered metabolic pathway of cofactors, vitamins, nutrients +    
altered metabolic pathway of other amino acids +  
Those metabolic pathways of amino acids other than the common amino acids that deviate from what their normal course should be. Aberrant metabolic pathways of other amino acids, alone or in combination with other pathways, underlie various diseases.
beta-alanine metabolic pathway  
carnitine metabolic pathway +   
citrulline degradation pathway 
creatine metabolic pathway  
cyanoamino acid metabolic pathway  
D-alanine metabolic pathway 
D-arginine and D-ornithine metabolic pathway  
D-glutamine and D-glutamate metabolic pathway  
glutathione metabolic pathway +   
homocysteine metabolic pathway +     
phosphonate and phosphinate metabolic pathway 
selenoamino acid metabolic pathway +   
sulfur amino acid metabolic pathway 
taurine and hypotaurine metabolic pathway  

Definition Sources: InHouse:PW InHouse dictionary

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