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altered metabolic pathway of other amino acids +  
beta-alanine metabolic pathway  
carnitine metabolic pathway +   
citrulline degradation pathway 
creatine metabolic pathway  
cyanoamino acid metabolic pathway  
D-alanine metabolic pathway 
D-arginine and D-ornithine metabolic pathway  
D-glutamine and D-glutamate metabolic pathway  
DNA modification pathway +    
folate metabolic pathway +    
glutathione metabolic pathway +   
histone modification pathway +    
homocysteine metabolic pathway +     
Homocysteine (Hcy) metabolism is at the intersection of two pathways: the remethylation pathway that regenerates methionine and thus the methionine cycle and the transsulfuration pathway that gives rise to cysteine and derivatives. The Hcy pathway also engages choline, folate and vitamin metabolism and links to the metabolism of other amino acids and compounds.

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methionine cycle/metabolic pathway +    
phosphonate and phosphinate metabolic pathway 
polyamine metabolic pathway +    
radical SAM enzyme mediated metabolic pathway +  
selenoamino acid metabolic pathway +   
sulfur amino acid metabolic pathway 
taurine and hypotaurine metabolic pathway  

Related Synonyms: Hcy metabolism ;   homocysteine metabolic process
Definition Sources: GO:0050667, PMID:20814827

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