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regulatory pathway +      
aging pathway +  
altered regulatory pathway +    
cell death pathway +    
A cell death pathway represents the particular series of events leading to the demise of a whole cell or parts of its contents. It plays an essential role in cellular and tissue homeostasis. Biochemical and morphological characteristics are used in the classification of various forms of cell death. Deregulation of cell death can contribute to the development of cancer and neurodegeneration.
cellular detoxification pathway +    
cellular trafficking cycle pathway +   
homeostasis pathway +    
immune response pathway +    
pathway pertinent to DNA replication and repair, cell cycle, maintenance of genomic integrity, RNA and protein biosynthesis +    
pathway pertinent to protein folding, sorting, modification, translocation and degradation +   
regulatory pathway pertinent to the brain +   
stress response pathway +    
transport pathway +    

Related Synonyms: cell death
Definition Sources: GO:0008219, PMID:12196263, PMID:18414491, PMID:20211164, PMID:21760595

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