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acid-base imbalance pathway +   
arterial occlusive disease pathway +   
cardiomyopathy pathway +   
cardiovascular abnormalities pathway +   
cerebrovascular disease pathway +   
glucose metabolism disease pathway +    
hypertension pathway  
inborn error of metabolism pathway +   
lipid metabolism disease pathway +   
malabsorption syndrome pathway +   
metabolic syndrome X pathway +    
The metabolic syndrome is a multiphenotypic condition with concurrent features of several diseases and metabolic abnormalities. Insulin resistance, obesity and hypertension are considered risk factors. Alterations in lipid, glucose and cholesterol metabolic pathways, among others, can contribute to the multifactorial metabolic syndrome and the conditions associated with it.
mitochondrial disease pathway +   
myocardial infarction pathway  

Exact Synonyms: abdominal obesity-metabolic syndrome 1 pathway ;   dysmetabolic syndrome X pathway ;   metabolic syndrome pathway
Definition Sources: PMID:16932765, PubMed:2004, v. 17, 38047

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