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metabolic pathway of cofactors, vitamins, nutrients (PW:0000135)
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altered metabolic pathway +    
amino acid metabolic pathway +    
biogenic amines and polyamines metabolic pathway +    
carbohydrate metabolic pathway +    
energy metabolic pathway +    
lipid metabolic pathway +    
metabolic pathway of cofactors, vitamins, nutrients +    
Those reactions involved in the synthesis, utilization and/or degradation of cofactors, vitamins and other nutrients. Cofactors are necessary for the proper function of certain proteins and enzymes; they can be inorganic such as the metal ions or the iron-sulfur cluster or organic. Organic compounds that are tightly bound to proteins are also referred to as prosthetic groups. Often, they are or are made from vitamins, compounds that are vital but in small amounts and which are insufficiently synthesized by the organism. Some of these molecules can also perform signaling functions.
metabolic pathway of other amino acids +    
metabolic pathway of secondary metabolites +   
metabolic pathway pertinent to the brain +    
nucleotide metabolic pathway +    
peptide and protein metabolic pathway +    
xenobiotic metabolic pathway +    

Related Synonyms: Metabolism of vitamins and cofactors
Definition Sources: "OneLook" "OneLook", Reactome:R-HSA-196854

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