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photosynthesis pathway (PW:0000056)
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altered energy metabolic pathway +   
carbon fixation pathway 
citric acid cycle pathway +    
creatine metabolic pathway  
methane metabolic pathway +  
nitrogen metabolic pathway 
octane oxidation pathway 
oxidative phosphorylation pathway +   
photosynthesis pathway 
A chemical combination caused by the action of light; specifically the formation of carbohydrates (with release of molecular oxygen) from carbon dioxide and water in the chlorophyll tissue of plants and blue-green algae under the influence of light. In bacteria, photosynthesis employs hydrogen sulfide, molecular hydrogen, and other reduced compounds in place of water, so that molecular oxygen is not released.
reductive carboxylate cycle - CO2 fixation pathway 
sulfur metabolic pathway +   

Related Synonyms: photosynthesis
Definition Sources: GO:0015979,

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