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altered energy metabolic pathway +   
carbon fixation pathway 
citric acid cycle pathway +    
creatine metabolic pathway  
methane metabolic pathway +  
nitrogen metabolic pathway 
octane oxidation pathway 
oxidative phosphorylation pathway +   
photosynthesis pathway 
reductive carboxylate cycle - CO2 fixation pathway 
sulfur metabolic pathway +   
Those metabolic reactions involving sulfur - a component of methionine and cysteine amino acids and of co-enzymes and vitamins. It also serves as electron donor in anaerobic respiration. Microorganisms and plants can incorporate inorganic sulfate into bioinorganic compounds; higher organisms derive them from diet.

Related Synonyms: sulfur compound metabolic process
Definition Sources: GO:0006790, "Wikipedia" "Wikipedia", KEGG:00920, KEGG:map00920, PMID:16143557

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