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regulatory pathway +      
aging pathway +  
altered regulatory pathway +    
cell death pathway +    
cellular detoxification pathway +    
cellular trafficking cycle pathway +   
homeostasis pathway +    
immune response pathway +    
The Immune response pathways mediate the defense of host cells against infection and injury. The first line of defense is provided by the phylogenetically older innate immune response. The later, more versatile response is provided by the pathways of adaptive immunity: the B cell mediated humoral and the T cell mediated cellular or cell-mediated responses.
pathway pertinent to DNA replication and repair, cell cycle, maintenance of genomic integrity, RNA and protein biosynthesis +    
pathway pertinent to protein folding, sorting, modification, translocation and degradation +   
regulatory pathway pertinent to the brain +   
stress response pathway +    
transport pathway +    

Related Synonyms: Immune System ;   immune response
Definition Sources: GO:0006955, MCW library:Handbook of cellular and molecular immunology,, Reactome:R-HSA-168256

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