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altered metabolic pathway +    
amino acid metabolic pathway +    
Those metabolic reactions involved in the synthesis, utilization and/or degradation of the primary or standard 20 amino acids found in proteins. Amino acids are described as non-essential or essential depending on whether humans can or can not synthesize them, respectively. Chemically, they are classified based on the polarity of their side chain or R group, as non-polar and hydrophobic and hydrophilic and charged or polar uncharged. Amino acid metabolic pathways are also listed with their KEGG entries.
biogenic amines and polyamines metabolic pathway +    
carbohydrate metabolic pathway +    
energy metabolic pathway +    
lipid metabolic pathway +    
metabolic pathway of cofactors, vitamins, nutrients +    
metabolic pathway of other amino acids +    
metabolic pathway of secondary metabolites +   
metabolic pathway pertinent to the brain +    
nucleotide metabolic pathway +    
peptide and protein metabolic pathway +    
xenobiotic metabolic pathway +    

Related Synonyms: cellular amino acid metabolic process
Definition Sources: GO:0006520, "KEGG" "KEGG", MCW library:Handbooks of Biochemistry

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