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altered metabolic pathway +    
amino acid metabolic pathway +    
biogenic amines and polyamines metabolic pathway +    
carbohydrate metabolic pathway +    
Those metabolic reactions and pathways involved in the oxidation, breakdown and synthesis of carbohydrates in the tissue. The breakdown can be utilized by the body for energy production. The converse synthesis is used for energy storage.
energy metabolic pathway +    
lipid metabolic pathway +    
metabolic pathway of cofactors, vitamins, nutrients +    
metabolic pathway of other amino acids +    
metabolic pathway of secondary metabolites +   
metabolic pathway pertinent to the brain +    
nucleotide metabolic pathway +    
peptide and protein metabolic pathway +    
xenobiotic metabolic pathway +    

Related Synonyms: Metabolism of carbohydrates ;   carbohydrate metabolic process
Definition Sources: GO:0005975,, Reactome:R-HSA-71387

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