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abnormal sperm migration in female genital tract (MP:0031011)
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abnormal acrosome reaction +   
abnormal anterior visceral endoderm cell migration  
abnormal cell chemotaxis +   
abnormal fibroblast migration +   
abnormal hepatoblast migration  
abnormal keratinocyte migration +   
abnormal leukocyte migration +   
abnormal lung endothelial cell migration +   
abnormal muscle precursor cell migration +   
abnormal neural crest cell migration +   
abnormal neuronal migration +   
abnormal podocyte motility +   
abnormal primordial germ cell migration  
abnormal sperm migration in female genital tract +   
any anomaly in the ability of ejaculated sperm to migrate through the female genital tract to reach the oocyte in the oviduct; during their transit in the female tract, sperm encounter different environments with various mechanical and biochemical properties; to complete the journey, each sperm has to swim in a highly viscous medium in the cervix, avoid immunological detection in the uterus, cross the uterotubal junction, and ascend into the oviduct isthmus to ultimately reach the site of fertilization, the ampullary region of the oviduct
abnormal sperm motility +   
abnormal vascular endothelial cell migration  
decreased cell migration +   
increased cell migration +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal sperm migration through the female reproductive tract
Definition Sources: PMID:29353867

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