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abnormal autonomic nervous system physiology +   
abnormal blood-brain barrier function +   
abnormal blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier function  
abnormal blood-retina barrier function  
abnormal central pattern generator function +   
abnormal cerebrospinal fluid physiology +   
abnormal embryonic neuroepithelial cell proliferation +   
abnormal endoneurial fluid pressure +  
abnormal ependyma motile cilium physiology +   
abnormal glial cell physiology +   
abnormal glymphatic system physiology  
abnormal hippocampus physiology  
abnormal hypothalamus physiology +   
abnormal myelination +   
abnormal nervous system electrophysiology +   
abnormal nervous system regeneration +   
abnormal neuroendocrine gland physiology +   
abnormal neuron physiology +   
abnormal neuronal stem cell physiology +   
abnormal response to CNS ischemic injury +   
abnormal sensorimotor gating +   
abnormal somatic nervous system physiology +   
abnormal somatosensory cortex physiology +   
abnormal synaptic physiology +   
abnormal tau protein phosphorylation +  
adipose tissue inflammation  
bile duct inflammation  
blood vessel inflammation +   
brain ischemia  
CNS inflammation +   
cytokine storm  
decreased hindbrain apoptosis  
dental pulp inflammation  
ear inflammation +   
endoneurial edema 
esophageal inflammation  
eye inflammation +   
gallbladder inflammation  
heart inflammation +   
increased acute inflammation +   
increased brain apoptosis +   
increased neural tube apoptosis +   
increased spinal cord apoptosis  
intestinal inflammation +   
intracranial hemorrhage +   
joint inflammation +   
lacrimal gland inflammation  
lip inflammation 
liver inflammation +   
lymph node inflammation  
nerve inflammation +   
local accumulation of fluid, plasma proteins, and leukocytes in one or more nerves
palate inflammation 
pancreas inflammation +   
periodontium inflammation +   
peritoneal inflammation  
prostate gland inflammation  
renal/urinary system inflammation +   
reproductive system inflammation +   
respiratory system inflammation +   
salivary gland inflammation +   
seizures +   
skin inflammation +   
spinal hemorrhage  
stomach inflammation  
thyroid gland inflammation  
tongue inflammation  

Exact Synonyms: neuritis
Definition Sources: MGI:anna

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