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abnormal buccinator muscle morphology  
abnormal depressor anguli oris muscle morphology  
abnormal eyelid muscle morphology +   
abnormal levator labii superioris muscle morphology +   
abnormal levator nasolabialis muscle morphology +   
abnormal masticatory muscle morphology +   
abnormal stapedius muscle morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the tiny striated muscle found in the pyramidal eminence on the posterior wall of the tympanic cavity, whose tendon inserts onto the neck of the stapes; like the tensor tympani, it helps to dampen loud sounds; it is innervated by a small branch from the facial nerve
abnormal tensor tympani muscle morphology  
abnormal zygomaticus muscle morphology +   
absent facial muscle +   
facial muscle atrophy  
facial muscle degeneration  
facial muscle hypoplasia +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal stapedius morphology

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