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abnormal external nares morphology +   
abnormal internal nares morphology +   
abnormal nasal bone morphology +   
abnormal nasal bridge morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the saddle-shaped area that includes the nasal root and the lateral aspects of the nose; it lies between the glabella and the inferior boundary of the nasal bone, and extends laterally to the inner canthi
abnormal nasal cartilage morphology +   
abnormal nasal cavity morphology +   
abnormal nasal columella morphology 
abnormal nasal mucosa morphology +   
abnormal nasal septum morphology +   
abnormal nasal tip morphology +   
abnormal olfactory epithelium morphology +   
abnormal piriform aperture morphology +   
abnormal snout skin morphology  
abnormal turbinate morphology +   
absent snout  
asymmetric snout  
bifid nose  
broad snout  
bushy muzzle 
downturned snout  
flattened snout  
long snout  
midface hypoplasia  
nose wound +  
pointed snout  
round snout  
scaly muzzle 
small snout +   
upturned snout  

Narrow Synonyms: nasal bridge malformation
Definition Sources: HP:0000422

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