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abnormal intestinal goblet cell physiology (MP:0013799)
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abnormal autophagy +   
abnormal cell adhesion +   
abnormal cell cycle +   
abnormal cell death +   
abnormal cell differentiation +   
abnormal cell motility +   
abnormal cell proliferation +   
abnormal cellular cholesterol metabolism +   
abnormal cellular glucose uptake +   
abnormal cellular replicative senescence +   
abnormal cellular respiration +   
abnormal cilium physiology +   
abnormal DNA-templated transcription  
abnormal enterocyte physiology +   
abnormal epigenetic regulation of gene expression +   
abnormal fibroblast physiology +   
abnormal germ cell physiology +   
abnormal hepatoblast physiology +   
abnormal intestinal epithelial transmembrane transport +   
abnormal intestinal goblet cell physiology  
any functional anomaly of the glandular simple columnar epithelial cell found in the mucosal lining of the small and large intestine, whose primary function is to secrete gel-forming mucins, the major components of mucus; intestinal goblet cells produce a number of effector molecules including a range of mucins and antimicrobial proteins, such as trefoil factors and resistin-like molecules, which enable these to play a key part in innate defense mechanisms in the gut, against both bacterial and parasitic infections
abnormal intracellular organelle physiology +   
abnormal lipid oxidation +   
abnormal neural crest cell physiology +   
abnormal osteoblast physiology +   
abnormal redox activity +   
abnormal small intestinal crypt cell physiology +   
abnormal vesicle-mediated transport +   

Definition Sources: MGI:anna, PMID:25872481

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