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abnormal translation (MP:0013272)
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abnormal adipose tissue noradrenaline turnover +   
abnormal aerobic fitness +   
abnormal amino acid metabolism +   
abnormal autophagy +   
abnormal basal metabolism +   
abnormal carbohydrate metabolism  
abnormal cell adhesion +   
abnormal cell cycle +   
abnormal cell death +   
abnormal cell differentiation +   
abnormal cell motility +   
abnormal cell proliferation +   
abnormal cellular cholesterol metabolism +   
abnormal cellular glucose uptake +   
abnormal cellular replicative senescence +   
abnormal cellular respiration +   
abnormal chromosome stability +   
abnormal cilium physiology +   
abnormal DNA repair +   
abnormal DNA replication +   
abnormal DNA-templated transcription  
abnormal endoplasmic reticulum physiology +   
abnormal enzyme/coenzyme activity +   
abnormal epigenetic regulation of gene expression +   
abnormal ethanol metabolism  
abnormal exercise endurance +   
abnormal fibroblast physiology +   
abnormal germ cell physiology +   
abnormal haloperidol metabolism 
abnormal heme metabolism 
abnormal hepatoblast physiology +   
abnormal intestinal goblet cell physiology  
abnormal lipid metabolism +   
abnormal lipid oxidation +   
abnormal lithium metabolism 
abnormal lysosome physiology +   
abnormal mitochondrial physiology +   
abnormal neurotransmitter turnover +  
abnormal nicotine metabolism 
abnormal nucleotide metabolism  
abnormal osteoblast physiology +   
abnormal peptide metabolism  
abnormal peroxisome physiology  
abnormal redox activity +   
abnormal response to exercise  
abnormal response to radiation +   
abnormal response/metabolism to endogenous compounds +   
abnormal translation +   
any anomaly in the cellular metabolic process in which a protein is formed, using the sequence of a mature mRNA molecule to specify the sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide chain; translation is mediated by the ribosome, and begins with the formation of a ternary complex between aminoacylated initiator methionine tRNA, GTP, and initiation factor 2, which subsequently associates with the small subunit of the ribosome and an mRNA; translation ends with the release of a polypeptide chain from the ribosome
abnormal vesicle-mediated transport +   
abnormal vitamin or vitamin cofactor metabolism +   
abnormal xenobiotic metabolism +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal protein anabolism ;   abnormal protein biosynthesis ;   abnormal protein biosynthetic process ;   abnormal protein formation ;   abnormal protein synthesis ;   abnormal protein translation
Definition Sources: GO:0006412

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