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abnormal blood-inner ear barrier function  
abnormal endolymph +   
abnormal hair cell physiology +   
abnormal hearing physiology +   
abnormal organ of Corti supporting cell physiology +   
abnormal perilymph  
abnormal vestibular system physiology +   
ear hemorrhage 
bleeding through the ear canal
ear inflammation +   
eye hemorrhage +   
gastrointestinal hemorrhage +   
heart hemorrhage +   
intracranial hemorrhage +   
kidney hemorrhage +   
liver hemorrhage  
lung hemorrhage +   
lymph node hemorrhage  
muscle hemorrhage  
ovary hemorrhage  
spinal hemorrhage  
subcutaneous hemorrhage  
testicular hemorrhage  
uterine hemorrhage  
vaginal hemorrhage  

Exact Synonyms: ear haemorrhage
Definition Sources: MGI:Ahmed_Retha

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