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abnormal neural crest cell delamination (MP:0012746)
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abnormal melanoblast physiology +   
abnormal neural crest cell apoptosis +   
abnormal neural crest cell delamination  
any anomaly in the process by which a neural crest cell (NCC) physically dissociates from the neuroepithelium in the dorsal aspect of the neural tube; premigratory NCCs exist within a fully polarized epithelial layer, adjoined by adherens junctions and tight junctions; NCC delamination involves an epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) during which epithelial cells are converted into migratory mesenchymal cells; EMT requires loss of apical-basal cell polarity and dissolution of tight junctions and is accompanied by changes in cytoskeletal organization and a switch in adhesive properties so that cells can separate from the neuroepithelium and emigrate
abnormal neural crest cell migration +   
abnormal neural crest cell proliferation +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal NCC delamination ;   abnormal NCC emigration ;   abnormal NCC individualization ;   abnormal NCC segregation ;   abnormal neural crest cell emigration ;   abnormal neural crest cell individualization ;   abnormal neural crest cell segregation
Definition Sources: MGI:anna

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