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abnormal cholesterol level +   
abnormal phytosterol level +   
abnormal vitamin A level +   
abnormal vitamin D level +   
any anomaly in the concentration of vitamin D, any of a group of related, fat-soluble compounds that are derived from delta-5,7 steroids and play a central role in calcium metabolism; specific forms of vitamin D include calciferol (ergocalciferol; vitamin D2) and cholecalciferol (calciol; vitamin D3)
abnormal vitamin E level  
abnormal vitamin K level +  
decreased sterol level +   
increased sterol level +   

Narrow Synonyms: abnormal calciferol level ;   abnormal calciol level ;   abnormal cholecalciferol level ;   abnormal ergocalciferol level ;   abnormal vitamin D2 level ;   abnormal vitamin D3 level
Definition Sources: GO:0042368

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