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abnormal tricarboxylic acid cycle (MP:0010958)
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abnormal mitochondrial biogenesis +   
abnormal oxidative phosphorylation +   
abnormal respiratory electron transport chain +   
abnormal tricarboxylic acid cycle  
any anomaly in the universal metabolic pathway in which the acetyl group of acetyl coenzyme A is effectively oxidized to two CO2 and four pairs of electrons are transferred to coenzymes; the acetyl group combines with oxaloacetate to form citrate, which undergoes successive transformations to isocitrate, 2-oxoglutarate, succinyl-CoA, succinate, fumarate, malate, and oxaloacetate again, thus completing the cycle

Exact Synonyms: abnormal Krebs cycle ;   abnormal TCA cycle ;   abnormal citric acid cycle
Xrefs: GO:0006099
Definition Sources: GO:0006099

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