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abnormal B cell migration +   
abnormal cellular extravasation +   
abnormal dendritic cell chemotaxis  
abnormal dendritic cell migration +   
abnormal fibroblast chemotaxis +   
abnormal granulocyte chemotaxis +  
abnormal leukocyte adhesion +   
abnormal lymphocyte chemotaxis +   
abnormal macrophage activation involved in immune response  
abnormal macrophage antigen presentation +   
abnormal macrophage apoptosis +   
abnormal macrophage chemotaxis +   
anomaly in the accumulation of macrophages in a specific location in response to a wide variety of substances released at the sites of inflammatory reactions
abnormal macrophage cytokine production +   
abnormal macrophage nitric oxide production +   
abnormal macrophage proliferation +   
abnormal microglial cell physiology +   
abnormal osteoclast physiology  
decreased cell chemotaxis +   
enhanced leukocyte migration +   
impaired eosinophil chemotaxis  
impaired leukocyte migration +   
impaired macrophage phagocytosis  
impaired neutrophil chemotaxis  
increased cell chemotaxis +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal macrophage recruitment
Related Synonyms: abnormal macrophage migration
Alternate IDs: MP:0005495
Definition Sources: GO:0048246

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