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abnormal Wallerian degeneration (MP:0010653)
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abnormal axonal transport  
abnormal collateral sprouting +   
abnormal GABAergic neuron physiology  
abnormal neuron apoptosis +   
abnormal neuron proliferation +   
abnormal neuronal migration +   
abnormal response of heart to induced stress +   
abnormal response to cardiac infarction +   
abnormal response to CNS ischemic injury +   
abnormal response to retina ischemic injury +   
abnormal sensory neuron physiology +   
abnormal susceptibility to injury induced morbidity/mortality  
abnormal susceptibility to kidney reperfusion injury +   
abnormal synaptic vesicle clustering  
abnormal synaptic vesicle recycling  
abnormal Wallerian degeneration +   
any anomaly in the process of progressive degeneration of axons distal to an injury
abnormal wound healing +   
decreased brain acetylcholinesterase activity 
decreased susceptibility to injury +   
impaired neuron physiology  
increased brain acetylcholinesterase activity 
increased susceptibility to injury +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal anterograde degeneration ;   abnormal orthograde degeneration
Definition Sources: PMID:20345246

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