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abnormal neurite morphology (MP:0008415)
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abnormal adrenergic neuron morphology  
abnormal Cajal-Retzius cell morphology +   
abnormal cerebral cortex pyramidal cell morphology +   
abnormal cholinergic neuron morphology +   
abnormal dopaminergic neuron morphology +   
abnormal enteric neuron morphology +   
abnormal GABAergic neuron morphology +   
abnormal glutaminergic neuron morphology +   
abnormal glycinergic neuron morphology 
abnormal hippocampus neuron morphology +   
abnormal medium spiny neuron morphology  
abnormal motor neuron morphology +   
abnormal neurite morphology +   
any structural anomaly of a neuronal process, either a dendrite or an axon in vivo, or a filamentous projection from a neuron such as is seen in tissue culture
abnormal neuroendocrine cell morphology +   
abnormal neuron differentiation +   
abnormal neuron number +   
abnormal neuron polarity  
abnormal neuron specification  
abnormal peptidergic neuron morphology 
abnormal Purkinje cell morphology +   
abnormal sensory neuron morphology +   
abnormal serotonergic neuron morphology  
abnormal synapse morphology +   
abnormal thalamus neuron morphology  
ectopic neuron +   
neuron degeneration +   
neuron hypertrophy  
neuronal cytoplasmic inclusions  
neuronal intranuclear inclusions  

Definition Sources: PMID:12951572

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