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abnormal response to transplant (MP:0005671)
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abnormal adaptive immunity +   
abnormal antigen presentation +   
abnormal cell-mediated immunity +   
abnormal humoral immune response +   
abnormal hypersensitivity reaction +   
abnormal immune cell physiology +   
abnormal immune organ physiology +   
abnormal immune serum protein physiology +   
abnormal immune tolerance +   
abnormal immunoglobulin transcytosis  
abnormal inflammatory response +   
abnormal innate immunity +   
abnormal lymphatic system physiology +   
abnormal response to antigen +   
abnormal response to transplant +   
anomaly in the body's reaction to the grafting of organs, tissues, or cells taken from the same individual for another area of the body or from another individual

Exact Synonyms: abnormal response to cell transplant ;   abnormal response to organ graft ;   abnormal response to tissue graft
Definition Sources: MESH:E07.945, MGI:cwg

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