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abnormal globus pallidus morphology (MP:0004081)
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abnormal epithalamus morphology +   
abnormal globus pallidus morphology  
any structural anomaly of one of the basal ganglia involved with control of voluntary movement in the brain; consists of an external and an internal segment
abnormal hypothalamus morphology +   
abnormal mammillary body morphology  
abnormal pituitary gland morphology +   
abnormal striatum morphology +   
abnormal substantia nigra morphology +   
abnormal subthalamic nucleus morphology  
abnormal subthalamus morphology +   
abnormal thalamus morphology +   
abnormal third ventricle morphology +   
absent diencephalon  
diencephalon hyperplasia  
diencephalon hypoplasia  
loss of basal ganglia neurons  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal paleostriatum ;   abnormal pallidum morphology
Definition Sources: ISBN:0838580343

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