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abnormal primordial germ cell migration (MP:0002982)
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abnormal anterior visceral endoderm cell migration  
abnormal cell chemotaxis +   
abnormal female germ cell physiology  
abnormal fibroblast migration +   
abnormal hepatoblast migration  
abnormal keratinocyte migration +   
abnormal leukocyte migration +   
abnormal lung endothelial cell migration +   
abnormal male germ cell physiology +   
abnormal muscle precursor cell migration +   
abnormal neural crest cell migration +   
abnormal neuronal migration +   
abnormal podocyte motility +   
abnormal primordial germ cell apoptosis +   
abnormal primordial germ cell migration  
any anomaly in the orderly movement of a primordial germ cell, a cell specialized to produce haploid gametes, from one site to another during development
abnormal primordial germ cell proliferation +   
abnormal sperm migration in female genital tract +   
abnormal vascular endothelial cell migration  
decreased cell migration +   
increased cell migration +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal PGC migration
Related Synonyms: abnormal germ cell migration
Definition Sources: MGI:anna

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