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abnormal cementoenamel junction morphology 
abnormal cementum development +   
abnormal cementum morphology +   
abnormal dental follicle morphology  
abnormal dental lamina morphology  
abnormal dental mesenchyme morphology  
abnormal dental papilla morphology  
abnormal dentin development +   
abnormal dentin morphology +   
abnormal dentinoenamel junction morphology 
abnormal enamel development +   
abnormal enamel morphology +   
abnormal enamel organ morphology +   
abnormal tooth eruption +   
abnormal tooth mineralization +   
abnormalities in the process by which calcium salts are deposited into the dental enamel, dentin and cementum
abnormal tooth placode morphology +   
abnormal tooth root development  
abnormal tooth wear +   
arrest of tooth development  
growth retardation of incisors  
growth retardation of molars  

Exact Synonyms: tooth mineralization defects
Narrow Synonyms: abnormal tooth calcification
Definition Sources: MESH:G07.700.320.186.710

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