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abnormal macrophage physiology (MP:0002451)
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abnormal acute phase protein level +   
abnormal B cell physiology +   
abnormal complement pathway +   
abnormal dendritic cell physiology +   
abnormal granulocyte physiology +   
abnormal leukocyte migration +   
abnormal lymphocyte physiology +   
abnormal macrophage physiology +   
any functional anomaly of the large mononuclear phagocytes which differentiate from monocytes, are typically resident in a particular tissue, and capable of phagocytosing a variety of extracellular particulate material, including immune complexes, microorganisms, and dead cells
abnormal neutrophil physiology +   
abnormal NK cell physiology +   

Exact Synonyms: macrophage dysfunction
Definition Sources: CL:0000235, MGI:csmith

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